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Real Estate Commission in Alexandria

Give Yourself an Edge As a Real Estate Agent

At Keep More Commission, your choice to maximize real estate commission in Alexandria VA, we provide a vast real estate agent support system for both new agents and experienced professionals who feel as though they have hit a wall in their earning capacity. If you want to develop a more lucrative career and earn higher real estate commissions in Alexandria with every sale, we can help.

Real Estate Recruiting

In addition to offering three simple commission plans, we also provide a mentorship program, and we're ultimately looking for agents who are hungry for success. If you're tired of giving money to a brokerage firm and don't believe you are earning what you're worth, turn to Keep More Commission. Ultimately, we will provide you with the opportunity to keep more of what you earn.

Brokerage Support

When you work with us, you will have access to the best resources in the industry, and you will not pay Errors and Omissions insurance. The environment that we have fostered is one of supportive encouragement, and agents who work with us will learn strategies that will help them grow within the industry.

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Our Plans

When you join our team, you will get an immediate pay raise. Our agents get paid one day after recording, and agents receive 100% commission through one of our programs for new agents. Don't forget to ask about our promotions and SEO offers, too.

Flexible Program Options:
Silver Plan - For $25 per month, agents get an 85/15 split.
Gold Plan - Complete 4 to 12 transactions per year and get $350 per sale. The cost is $100 per month.
Platinum Plan - Complete 14 or more transactions per year to receive $95 per sale. This plan costs $350 per month.

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